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Amanda has over ten years of experience in the music industry across a broad range of areas. Through her work as a songwriter, musician and self producing artist, Amanda developed a diverse set of skills that allowed her to naturally progress into the technical role of sound engineering.

After moving to London in late 2015 Amanda developed strong ties within the music industry and soon began working as the assistant engineer at Urchin Studios where she has worked on sessions for artists such as Birdy, Tom Odell, Ghostpoet and Jordan Mackampa. Amanda has since gone on to engineer sessions at Urchin Studios. 


Amanda also started out as a runner at RAK Studios, before working her way up to assisting on sessions at the award winning studio. Through her time at RAK,  Amanda has further developed her engineering skills and knowledge of analog equipment. 

Whilst building on her skills within the studio, Amanda was also studying at SSR London where she was awarded a full scholarship to complete an Advanced Diploma in Music Production & Sound Engineering. 

Currently working as a freelance assistant engineer across various studios in London, Amanda is also focussing on producing and engineering for emerging artists. 

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