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Merdzan’s production skills shine right alongside those of her songwriting as the entire EP had me breathless.


Substream Magazine (USA)

From the EP's opening bar, Commands pulls you in and doesn't let you go.


Pilerats (AU)

‘Glow’ is a beautiful and competent piece of electro-pop, with uplifting and gorgeous melodies accompanied by minimalist synth-drums and atmospheric strings. One of the things so striking about this track is it’s delicate use of space in the verses – Merdzan’s voice stands tall and strong above a subtle backing.


Bitter Sweet Symphonies (UK)




Australian producer/singer, Amanda Merdzan, utilizes electropop to craft a cushioning, relaxed soundspace for you to unwind.





Australia is full of talent that although very far from us geographically, never fail to fall in our sharpened ears. This is the case of the young singer Amanda Merdzan , freshly landed in our radar with her new single Glow . Recently installed in London the singer, songwriter and producer has won us over with this as magical as that beautiful. 


WATM Magazine (France)




[Amanda Merdzan] returns with another terrific single, “Glow”. Beneath the swell of the keys and synths, Merdzan’s delicate voice rises with emotion... It’s introspective, reflective, and a dazzling number.


The Revue (Canada)




Above all else, ‘Matter’ allows Merdzan to establish herself as a beautiful vocalist...It’s some wonderfully crafted dreampop that puts Merdzan in a fantastic position ahead of her EP release next year.

Fresh Beats (UK)

On “Matter”, Merdzan has crafted a electro-pop song that is stunning and gorgeous. The song retains the intimacy of her folk leanings, but the addition of keys and ambient textures gives her music a lush and ethereal feel, much along the lines of Banks’ early works. 

The Revue (Canada)

'Matter' is powerful in a lot of subtle ways and is more than just a little compelling.

Through My Headphones (US)

(Matter) If the whole EP is maintained in such a climate - you will certainly be noticed.

Pan Od Muzyki (Poland)

“Afraid” is the title track off of the 5-song EP...The inception of the piece latches on to the listener like a good book to an eager reader; once it pulls you in you cannot stop exploring the created world. And it is quite a world – one full of imagery-inducing harmonies and musical precision. Seriously, the song does not have a flaw. 

The Music Court Blog (New York)


"Amanda Merdzan stepped to the stage with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and lyrics that caught the ear of everyone in the room. Beautiful songs that were at times introspective and sad, but never felt sorry for themselves, with mid-song banter that was just endearing"

Drum Media 

"Afraid has a strong charging rhythm that pushes it forward with instrumentation and power that’s reminiscent of FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE, while still managing to maintain an indie/folk feel... stuck in the heads of the people I’ve been playing it for – I’m quite enamoured of it.  

The Indie Machine (Canada)

"Amanda Merdzan wooed the crowd with her soulful melodies and songwriting that has always seemed beyond her years." 

The Music (AU)

"Equal parts catharsis and shy exhibitionism, 'Into The Gallery' is an earnest and courageous outpouring,emotionally affecting, and totally worth your time." -


X-Press Magazine (AU)

"Merdzan definitely has the chops to hold a crowd with her intricate guitar work." 
Drum Media (AU)

"Amanda Merdzan, who if you have never heard her before, is simply amazing. Her songs in themselves are wonderful, but when she puts her beautiful voice to them, they are just mesmerizing. A true joy to watch and to listen to..." 

The AU Review (AU)

"There's nothing like that feeling you get when you fall in love with a new musician. You want to shout it from the rooftops and share with the world the way this performer makes you feel. I'm lucky; I have a blog for that. So here it is folks: I am utterly enamoured with the music of Amanda Merdzan." 

Sounds of Oz (AU)

"Down the road and past the freshly sprayed stars on the footpath featuring names of Freo stars past and present, The Secret Heater Theatre was playing host to the rare on stage teaming of Amanda Merdzan & Timothy Nelson. Truth be told, they didn't even need to play any songs, such was the sheer humour coming from their banter." 

X-Press Magazine (AU) 

"This is an album with great sensitivity...Amanda Merdzan is without doubt, one of the greatest discoveries of this time, a woman with a great future and her album "Into The Gallery" is in my opinion one of the best of this year."

Lito Music (Spain) 

"Merdzan's intimate, diary entry style was well suited to the 20-odd people who had horseshoed around the stage like kids at a sleepover, ready to be let in on her next secret... Given her heart-on-sleeve, super verbose style, lengthy and detailed introductions gave nice background to the accomplished set." 

X-Press Magazine (AU)

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